Exeter College

project overview

The installation of Comar Aluminium and Wrightstyle steel curtain wall screens including: vents and glass, Comar aluminium doors, Roofglaze rectangular & circular roof-lights, glass dormers, pressed metal work, canopy roof cladding and 3 no large Protec curved windows. The access strategy included the use of static scaffolding, along with mobile scaffold towers and MEWP access supplied by NA CWL, where static scaffolding was not erected in specific areas.

Due to the site being in the middle of one of Oxford’s central residential areas, the logistic issues were occasionally very challenging to manage, as the site boundary was extremely tight. Additionally, the limited storage space meant that NA CWL made provision to store certain materials off-site in a consolidation compound. The materials were then brought to site as & when required on smaller vehicles, making the constraints of the site much easier to manage. The advantages of this strategy allowed NA CWL to take unhindered delivery of glass units from Press Glass to the consolidation compound, where it could be re-packaged to suit the sequence of installation, then called-in as & when required on 2 or 3 stillages at a time. This was highly beneficial to the efficiency of installation and allowed NA CWL to use vehicles within the 3.5T CLOCS requirements.

The NA CWL site team had to overcome many installation challenges due to the large sizes and weights of the steel reinforced curtain wall mullions. This included unloading & distribution along with the assembly and erection of the framework and glass, often complicated by the constraints of the static scaffolding. The experience, knowledge and competency of the NA CWL site supervisors and operatives, led to a number of commendations from the MACE project team on our positive approach, professionalism and high quality of workmanship throughout the installation.